Read. Write. Learn.

We create high-quality and supportive learning opportunities for English language learners and others in need of language and literacy support.


Stretch Foundational Reading Skills

Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Phonological Awareness, & Vocabulary

Stretch Reading Skills Consolidated

Reading Fluency, Vocabulary, & Comprehension

Stretch Foundational Writing Skills

Grammar, Spelling, Organization, & Punctuation

Stretch Writing Skills  Consolidated

Craft & Elaboration

Our Method

We craft intensive and individualized courses to directly and explicitly teach phonics and phonemic awareness in a systematic way that is accessible for all  learners. 

Later, memorization of sight words, syllable instruction, and morphology are taught. Course instructors use fluency training and metacognitive strategies to develop and support reading comprehension.

Writing skills are taught through modeling. Writing strategies taught are kept simple at first with complexity added bit by bit as the learner gains confidence and builds automaticity of their writing skills.  

As discrete reading and writing skills– tangible skills that have a clear end and beginning– are taught, progression toward mastery is monitored with on-going assessment. 

Our Promise

Each course offering will leave every learner empowered for success. Your child will quickly become a proficient reader and/or writer.

Each course is developed and facilitated by American licensed teachers who hold reading endorsements, Orton-Gillingam certification, and postgraduate degrees. 

We guarantee an increase* in independent reading level for any learner.

A progress report will be shared fortnightly. 

* A minimum of 3 hours per week (4-6 weeks) to  increase 1 reading level